University Coordinators Committee

The UKU University Coordinators Committee is responsible for the administration of University Ultimate: they oversee the tournament allocation process for Regionals and Nationals, enforce rostering rules, adjudicate any eligibility questions, and aid the Regional development of Ultimate.

In addition to the following members, the committee includes Si Hill (as Admin) and Chris White (as DoC), and may co-opt additional people on a year-to-year basis:


Emily Powell is the current University Coordinator. If you have any questions about University Ultimate in general he is an excellent person to contact.


Ashley Robinson is the current Women's Coordinator. If you have any questions relating to Womens she is your first point of contact.


Tanya Fozzard is the Mixed Coordinator. Anything to do with Mixed, is hers to work with.


Dave Halls is the Open/Mens Coordinator.


There are four Regional Coordinators, representing Scotland, the North, the East and the West. The contact addresses are provided below: - Ivan Mladjenovic - position vacant - Jake Lloyd - Iain Campbell