Coaching Pathway

Coaching pathway at a glance:

 For those new to Ultimate
   (teachers, coaches, multi-sports coaches, activators, students)

               For Ultimate players, coaches and leaders             

Foundation Award


Level 1X (UKU L1X)

Level 1

Level 2 Transfer (UKU L2T)

Coaching CPD

Level 2


Coaching pathway expanded:

Foundation Award

3 hours

This Award is a comprehensive introduction to playing and teaching Ultimate to beginners. Ideal as CPD for teachers and sports coaches, suitable for anyone new to the sport but who already has skills in coaching or leading sports activities. The course develops understanding of the game of Ultimate, core playing skills and the confidence to introduce disc-based games and activities. Suitable for anyone working with KS2-KS5. Also available as a Sports Leader Award for young people starting to develop leadership and coaching skills (this might include young ambassadors, JSLA, CSLA, Duke of Edinburgh, GCSE, BTEC, and so on).


Min 8 / Max 20 people

£36 / person

Resource pack for each participant

Space requirements: summer months can be delivered outdoors, otherwise a sports hall at least 4 x badminton courts.


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Level 1X (UKU L1X)

6 hours

This Qualification is a comprehensive introduction to playing and teaching Ultimate similar to the Foundation Award. This course offers more time to develop disc skills and supports a greater understanding of the game, the rules and an opportunity to discuss Spirit of the Game and self-officiation in more depth. This course is ideal for teachers and coaches who will deliver Ultimate in PE curriculum time or as an extracurricular activity. Those with a UKU Level 1 X are UK Ultimate qualified coaches.


Min 8 / Max 20 people (larger courses can be delivered by 2 leaders)

£85 / person

Resource pack for each participant

Space requirements: a sports hall at least 4 x badminton courts and a classroom with standard A.V. equipment and Internet access.


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Level 2 Transfer to Ultimate (UKU L2T)

This qualification is a bolt-on for coaches who hold a UKU Foundation Award or UKU L1X and a Level 2 qualification in another invasion sport. Suitable Level 2 qualifications include:

Football, Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Hockey, Handball, American Football, Lacrosse, Multi-skills development in sport.

In order to activate your UKU L2T after purchase:

  • create a membership profile
  • upload your UKU and existing Level 2 certificates as credentials (DO NOT add any other UKU qualifications)
  • email


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Level 1

8 hours

This Qualification is the first step on the UKU coaching pathway for players who want to coach, lead or just learn more about the sport. It is suitable both for playing and non-playing coaches and leaders. Players must have at least 6 months experience of the game. The course mixes classroom time and practical application to develop coaching basics. Those with a UKU Level 1 are considered qualified coaches (this is different from being a registered coach).

£85 / person

Coaching resources


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The aim of the CPD section of the UKU Coaching pathway is to offer opportunities for coaches and leaders of any level to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding around different aspects of coaching Ultimate. By creating a non-linear approach to Coach Education we hope to provide more opportunity and greater flexibility for coaches to develop over time. We recognise that a coach's development is organic and often ad-hoc, through many different routes. Coaches learn in a variety of contexts, not just their own sport, developing knowledge and experience in practical application. We hope UKU Coaching CPD will be a growing resource providing opportunity for coaches to talk to each other, learn, and develop their practice. Each session carries a number of UKU Coaching credits. Coaching CPD sessions will be announced via UKU events pages, coaching newsletters and other UKU channels.

  • UKU Coach Forums

Online themed sessions providing opportunities for coaches, leaders and players to learn, discuss and share ideas around different topics. These are free for Registered Coaches.

  • Coach-led / Expert-led Sessions (pilot November 2019)

Practical sessions run by experienced Ultimate coaches or players with expertise in a specific area of the game with an emphasis on how to teach and coach Ultimate skills to others.

  • UKU Coaching Ultimate course (Level 2 core module)

1 day coaching course focused on understanding Ultimate strategy, delivering training sessions and building success over time.

  • UKU Find a Mentor

Mentoring option for coaches who want to complete their Level 2 qualification.

  • Non-UKU Coaching Development options

There are lots of CPD opportunities available from different organisations.

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Level 2

32 credits


This is a credit-based qualification. Coaches collect a total of 32 credits from compulsory and optional coaching CPD options.

Coaches must have First Aid and Safeguarding training (NSPCC or UK Coaching courses are suggested) before the Level 2 qualification will be awarded.

This qualification is currently under review. This does not affect anyone who holds a UKU Level 2, nor does it impact those who are in the process of completing the qualification.


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