UKU Level 2

The UKU Level 2 Coaching qualification is for Ultimate players and coaches. It is not suitable for anyone new to the sport, if you are a coach new to Ultimate please see information about the UKU Level 1 X and UKU Level 2 Transfer.

The Level 2 qualification is credit-based and can be awarded to coaches with appropriate qualifications and Coaching credits from Coaching CPD options. Coaches need to collect a total of 32 credits from a number of mandatory and optional sessions.

Once you have the appropriate credits please email

Mandatory credits:

Title Credits Awarded

UKU Coaching Course (Level 2 core module)



First Aid 6

UKU Coaching Ultimate Course (Level 2 core module)

Workshop Length: 1 day.

Participants: Adults 18+. Participants should have a UKU Level 1 qualification or equivalent. This course if for those who have played Ultimate for at least 1 year and have some experience of coaching or leading.

Content: Focuses on developing the coaching skills and game understanding of a Level 2 Ultimate Coach.

Price: £85

This course is currently under review, please contact if you'd like more information


Mentoring time: up to 8 hours

Participants: Must have already done the UKU Coaching Ultimate course (Level 2 core module)

Content: Discussion, review, and feedback on planning and delivery.

Price: TBD

Read more here.

First Aid


Workshop Length: 6 hours (1 day)

Participants: Most providers welcome young people from the age of 12. If under the age of 16, participants must attend with an adult. Please note, UKU Level 2 coaches must be 18+.

Content: Basic First Aid skills required to deal with emergency situations.

Price: Varies

Coaches may also be interested in further First Aid training on concussion or other sports injury.


Optional credits:

There are 12 further credits to collect from Coaching CPD options. Please note, coaches are not limited as to how many credits they can collect. To be awarded the Level 2 qualification, coaches must have gained credits from a range of options (only 3 credits from UKU Coach Forums can count towards the Level 2 qualification). Any session carrying credits should be added to your membership profile as a credential.


All Level 2 coaches are advised to do basic online or in-person Safeguarding training (NSPCC and UK Coaching run suitable courses). This is mandatory for any Registered Coach working with under 18s.


If you would like to discuss the UKU Level 2 qualification further please email