Site: How do I create an event?

On this site Events are handled as a specific type of content.

  1. First off you need to become a member and be logged in.
  2. Next go to the 'create content ' menu item (normally on the left under your username).  Depending on how the administrator has set up the site, you may not have the privileges to create an event.  If you see don't see a link on the 'create content' page to create an event, you don't have the privilege.
  3. If you see the 'event'  link, click on it and a new page should appear.  It will give you some brief instructions.  At minimum you will have to provide some basic information - including a postcode for the location of the event.
  4. Once you have finished putting in details for the event, click the preview button at the bottom of the page. This will show you what it will look like when it is published.  IF you are happy with the result, scroll down the page and click the 'submit' button.  Its important that you SUBMIT before navigating away to other pages or your work will be lost.
  5. CURRENTLY events are set up to be published straight away. Typically an administrator will also be notified for the purposes of moderation.  They will have the ability to remove or edit the event if they feel that is necessary - for example if there is unsuitabe language.