We need public liability insurance to book a training venue. Is this covered by membership?

There are two parts to this answer.

1. An individual member does have civil liabilility insurance when playing Ultimate - and in general that should include a normal club practice.  (There are some international exclusions - most notably North America is a bit more complicated.)  This should cover that individual if they become liable for injuring another player or a passer-by. 

2. However - individual membership does not cover "the club", or the club committee.  So if a problem occurs that relates more to the organisation or structure of the training rather than the play or conduct of an individual, then there is potentially a gap.  In general to deal with this scenario you need liability insurance for the club and we do recommend that clubs consider this carefully.  This is one of the reasons we have UKU Club Affiliation as it provides civil liability insurance cover for affiliated clubs.  Look here for more information about Club Affiliation.