Known Issues

This is a new website and we expect to have some problems over the first few weeks. The aim of this page is to provide a list of the items that we are aware of - and in some cases give an indication of when we expect a fix.

If you find a problem that is not on this list and you have time to send the details to us that would be great - thanks! Please do this through the Contact Us form.

* Create team problems (possibly applies to other content e.g. events). Some users reported being unable to create/register their team even AFTER updating their membership (including receiving the upgrade confirmation email). We believe we have now fixed this problem for creating teams. Please tell us if you encounter it. There may still be a problem creating other content types - a lag of around 15 minutes can occur before the site refreshes your privileges fully.

* Purchase membership online. IE7 (and perhaps other browsers?) may give you a nasty looking warning about Phishing. This really is the UK Ultimate Association's new website and its OK to join here just like it was on the last website. We are applying to Microsoft to get on to the appropriate lists to ensure we can get rid of this warning - hopefully it won't take too long. In the meantime, if you are really worried about this, you can join by sending a cheque for the appropriate amount to the UKUA postal address "UK Ultimate Association, LONDON WC1N 3XX".

* My team isn't here! Thats right. We are asking everyone to re-register both their user accounts and their team information. Why? Thanks for your support in just re-inputting your team details. But please also note that you need to have up to date membership to create a team.

* Current content on the old website that isn't on this one. Are you sure? The search function on this new site is really good... maybe its just in a different place. OK - so it really isn't here? We tried to prioritise the things to transfer and its probably just in a list of things to be moved over the coming few weeks. The old website is still up and running and available at Please feel free to Contact Us to log the missing information and we'll try to move it up the list.