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UKU/BUCS University Women's Indoor Regionals - Confirmation of Entries

We are pleased to confirm the entries for our Uni Women's Indoor Regionals, to be played at various locations across the country on the 21/22 November 2015. It's a rather impressive 20 percent increase on those who attended last year!

All these teams have secured a spot in the tournament.

UKU Junior Women's Indoor Nationals #JWIN - Schedule now available

We're pleased to now release this weekend's schedule, and we very much look forward to seeing you in Kettering tomorrow!

You'll find the schedule here:

UKU/BUCS Uni Men's Indoor Regionals - Confirmed Schedules

We are pleased to confirm the schedules for this weekend's UMIR events. As usual, apologies for the lateness of these, but even with leaving them as late as humanly possible we still had two teams drop out afterwards!

Thanks to all those who took the time to spot the errors in the draft schedules - unfortunately there were a few this time! Sorry.


UKU Junior Women's Indoor Nationals - Info Pack now available

We are pleased to release the info pack for this weekend's tournament. We're also delighted to note that we have a larger event than last year, and three separate age-group divisions, which is going to be great - but it has led to a delay in the schedule while we work out which team has players of which age and which division they will all play in. Watch this space!


UKU/BUCS Uni Men's Indoor Regionals - Info Packs now available

Info packs can now be found on the links below for the 6 Uni Men's Indoor Regionals this weekend. (Note that the Yorks & East Mids region happened last weekend!).

GB Masters Open 2016

GB Masters Open will not be holding trials for 2016. The selection committee has contacted all the eligible players that showed an interest last year. If you were born in 1983 or earlier and feel that you should be considered please email

UKU/BUCS University Men's Indoor Regionals - Final Entry List

Please find below the final list of teams entered for the Men's Regionals tournament next weekend. Please do let us know if anything is incorrect so that we can update this and check everything still fits - but any changes need to be made through your University and through BUCS. This is the list of entries we received from BUCS.