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New UKU staff members

UK Ultimate is pleased to announce that our long-time Director of Competitions, Benji Heywood, has been hired into the part-time role of UKU Events Coordinator.  Benji has been directly involved in the growth and success of UKU's competitions structure and events since becoming the first Indoor Director of Competitions in 2005 and was of course ideally suited to be able to take on this position.  Benji has had to resign his position on the UKU Board, so we will be looking to appoint or elect a new Director of Competitions later this year.

As the size of the sport and the organisation continues to grow, the Board also decided to hire a part-time book-keeper at the end of 2013.  We were delighted when Laura Atkins (an ex-UKU treasurer, UKU Chair as well as GB captain on a number of occasions) agreed to do the job.

Congratulations and good luck to both of them.

UKU Member Update Jan 2014

In this update:

1. U17 & U14 Indoor Nationals

2. GB Juniors update and trials

3. New UKU staff members

4. WFDF news

5. Club Affiliation reminder

6. Matalan Sporting Promise - Community Clubs news

7. WFDF Rules accreditation

Airbadgers retain U17s, Flux take U14s

UKU U17 & U14 Indoor Nationals 2013-14: Jan 25-26, Aldersley Leisure centre, Wolverhampton

With 24 teams in the U17 division, and 16 in the U14 division, this event gets better every year.  Flux (Twycross House School) had something of a clean sweep in the under-14 division, winning the championship, and the plate, with the C team winning the spoon and Spirit of the Game. In the U17 division, it seemed as though we were in for a big change as Airbadgers 1 (St Peters, Exeter) lost a game on Saturday for the first time in living memory (well - at least for some of the competitors).  But normal service was resumed on Sunday as they swept through the knockout games, eventually winning a close final against Arctic 1.  Congratulations also to Airbadgers 4, Airbadgers 5, and Airbadgers 6: winners of the plate (9th), spoon (17th) and Spirit of the Game respectively - full results below:

UKU Experienced & Beginner Skills Clinic - Hosted by Stoked

UK Ultimate and team Stoked hosted a free to attend skills clinic in Stoke-on-Trent on Sunday the 26th of Jan 2014. 

The aim of the clinic was to promote Ultimate in Stoke to new and existing players as part of the Matalan Sporting Promise, Community Clubs pilot scheme. Players from all around Staffordshire (and some further afield!) attended a session with a interesting mix of calm winter sun and suddenly gale force winds! We had it all. 

There was a huge hunger for more clinics to be run, with everyone finishing the three hours having had bags of fun!

As part of our development plan, UK Ultimate aims to deliver more clinics all around the UK. So watch this space.

Dundee win University Women's Indoor Nationals

Dundee beat Birmingham in the final of the University Women's Indoor Nationals (30-1 Nov/Dec, Ellowes Hall School, Dudley). The competition was excellent from top to bottom with a particularly thrilling set of semi-finals!

UKU Uni Womens Indoors gains BUCS recognition

UK Ultimate is pleased to announce that University Women's Indoor Nationals will be a BUCS-sanctioned event from 2014 onwards.  This is primarily a result of the growth we have seen in this competition over recent years and so congratulations and thanks to all those people that have helped to set up, build and support the Uni Women's teams.  We are hopeful that this will help more University Women's Ultimate teams to benefit from support from their Universities - which tends to come in the form of access to training facilities and/or support for entry fees and travel costs at BUCS competitions.

Warwick win Division 2 University Open Indoor Nationals

Warwick beat Leicester in the final of the Division 2-UKU Uni Indoor Nationals (23-24 Nov, Ellowes Hall School, Dudley). The competition was closer than ever with all teams loosing games on their way to the final finishing posistions, with numerous three way ties in the pools and power pools.

Congratulations to Liverpool for winning the Spirit of the Game award.

UKU Member Update December 2013

In this update:

1. Membership and Ultimatum!

2. UKU Club Affiliation

3. Events Calendar 2014 reminders

4. Uni Women's Indoors gains BUCS recognition

5. Uni and Junior Indoor Results

6. WFDF Rules accreditation

7. Reminder re GB Juniors 2014

8. Updated Governing Documents of UK Ultimate

9. Old tournament-organiser gear?