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UK Ultimate Board Election Results

Further to the Board election held in May we are pleased to announce that Emily Powell, Tom Abrams and Marius Hutcheson have joined the UK Ultimate boardAnna Trebble was the only candidate that applied for the Director of Safeguarding position, and so her appointment was reviewed and approved directly by the board. For more information about the Board of Directors please see this page.

At this point we also want to say a huge thanks to the outgoing board members Tom Daly, Joe Wyatt, Nick Smith and Willis Bruckermann. All four have been on the board for a number of years, contributing their time, skills and expertise to helping UK Ultimate develop as an organisation. We are extremely grateful for everything they have done, and we suggest that when you next see them you take the time to say thank you to them!

UKU National Cup - 2021 Mixed Quarter-Finals/Semi-Finals Draw [16th June]


Last night, the Competitions Committee met to carry out the next stage of the draw for the Mixed Cup quarter-finals and semi-finals. 


Note that prior to the draw being carried out, the way in which Zones and Seeding Pods were taken into account from the quarter-finals onwards was clarified. Please check rule 2.2.1 here


The results of the draw process (i.e. who will play who!) can be found here:


Please check the updated pages referenced with the date '16th June'. 


Competed in a National Series game before now (or have one coming up)?

Please make sure that you submit your game result and spirit score using THIS FORM: It's really important that we have both teams submit the game result so that we can confirm it's correct as it will count towards your overall UKU Ranking.

The results also impact who plays in consequent rounds so having this information ASAP is really useful. Before doing last night's draw we had to do some digging to find out who had won in some of the Round 0/Round 1 games, so if you could help us make this process a little easier by filling in the form as soon as your game is done then we'd really appreciate it, thanks!

Funded training course: Sudden Cardiac Arrest eLearning

UK Coaching Sudden Cardiac Arrest eLearning


We are extremely grateful to UK Coaching and Sport England for collaborating to provide this free-of-charge resource that could make all the difference in an emergency situation.

Having witnessed Christian Eriksen’s live collapse at Euro 2020, we have no doubt that you'll be alongside us with your thoughts and best wishes for Eriksen and his family.

The occurrence of the medical emergency in a live sporting environment has brought the reality of sudden cardiac arrest, on the pitch, in the park, on the kerb, to a stark reality.

The question is: do you know how to respond?

  • Would you recognise the onset of a sudden cardiac arrest?
  • Do you know the actions to take?
  • Do you know how to perform CPR?
  • Would you be able to locate the nearest defibrillator?

UK Coaching have collaborated with Sport England who have funded an eLearning course that everyone can access free of charge. It will guide you through how to respond quickly to a sudden cardiac arrest.

Learn how to save a life.

Enrol now!

Women's National Cup Entry Deadline!

Don't forget that sign ups for the Women’s Cup close on Sunday 20th June at midnight! 


Following the completion of the first Round of Mixed games in the National Cup, there is one week left for Women's teams to enter into the Women's division if they wish to. Roster rules mean that once a team is knocked out, all players are free to compete for a different team, so if you think that you might be able to get a Women's team together now then make sure that you sign up!  


Spots will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. As soon as the number of entries reaches 8, sign ups to the Women’s Cup will close, regardless of the date. We currently have 5 teams entered. 


Sign up here: 

Challenge League Teams and Rankings released

Challenge League teams and rankings are now available hereFilter the map to find opponents, or view the submitted results and ranking lists by division.

You need to register your team before you can contact teams, register games and submit results.

  • Please contact us (events@ email address) about missing or incorrect game results.  
  • It is possible to submit game results after a game has been played provided both teams are in agreement. 
  • Please note that results from National League and National Cup games will be included automatically; there is no need to register those games.

The Challenge League - What is it?

Not sure what the Challenge League is?

We've put together a mini info-series of videos so that you can find out!



Interested in taking part? Your teams can sign up to the Challenge League HERE. Once you've registered, you'll be able to see all of the other teams that also want to play so that you can start to arrange games with them. 


We will be publishing a full list of registered teams soon, as well as a map of where you can find them, along with more details on the rankings. Keep an eye out for future updates! 

Return to play - Phase D stall-count

We have received some queries about the implementation of the third-party stall-count as we move into a period where games are perhaps more competitive.  As a result we are publishing the attached guidance which recommends an approach to this situation that should be adopted unless both teams agree to an alternative that they both prefer.

We would like to reiterate the importance of following the Return-to-play procedures.  Ultimate is a close-contact team sport.  Our rule modifications and other covid-related procedures have been signed off by the UK Government and it is only because of those modifications that we are able to play something approaching normal Ultimate at the moment.  Several other team sports (notably rugby and netball) are still subject to similar or more substantial rule modifications.  

UKU Board Election 2021 - Voting Open

Following our call for applications for the UKU board positions advertised on our website we're pleased to have had multiple applications for both the the University Ultimate Coordinator role and the two Without Portfolio positions. We will running elections for these roles and anyone who is a UKU member will be able to vote. 

We have also had an application for the Director of Safeguarding role, as this is the only application for this role we won't be running an election for this position at this time, and the UKU Board will discuss and agree a process for appointing to this position.




Voting will be open from Friday 14th May through to Friday 4th June. In order to vote you must be a member of UK Ultimate (please see further down for more info).


You can read about the candidates for the roles here. You can vote using this google form.