UKU Event Announcements

This newsletter is intended to provide a simple stream of information about UKU events. At the point of launch, the intention is that this will provide a definitive source of the most important information relating to UKU events: - dates - registration processes - news updates in the weeks preceding an event (e.g. schedule released, etc)

XEUCF 2021 Bid Allocation

Further to our previous announcement here and following additional clarification on fees by the EUF, we have now confirmed how the bids will be allocated for XEUCF 2021. 


Due to the success of the National Series competition structure so far, we have taken the decision to use UKU Nationals 2021 results to determine which teams will qualify to XEUCF 2021.(*) 

UKU National Series 2021 - National Championships Seeding Procedure

The 2021 National Series Rules document has been updated to include the seeding procedure that will be followed for the National Championships event being held on 28th-29th August 2021.


Please see section 9 for full details. 

UKU National Series 2021 - Cup Finals & Playoffs Structure

The Playoffs is the part of the National Series competition format where the National Cup and the National League teams meet to compete for the remaining National Championship spots.

For 2021, we will be hosting the Cup finals (1-6) on the same day as the Playoffs (7th-8th August 2021). The exact details of how this will work in practice will be published once we know the final National League standings and the National Cup Quarter-Final and Semi-Final results.


To determine how many Playoff spots are available for contention, we need to review whether there are any declined teams (a team which does not want to take up a qualification spot at Nationals) in each National League division as the finishing position of a declined National League team will affect the playoff structure. 


WMUCC 2022 Qualification & Masters Nationals

To all of the teams that completed the WMUCC Expression of Interest form, please confirm your interest in qualifying to WMUCC by emailing by Monday 12th JulyDue to how long it's been since we asked you to complete the initial EOI form, it will just be really useful for us to know that your team's situation hasn't changed!


The teams that we currently have listed as interested in each division are below.

UKU National Cup - 2021 Women’s & Open Quarter-Finals/Semi-Finals Draw [23rd June]


Last night, the Competitions Committee met to carry out the draw for the Women’s and Open Cup. 


This was the first round being drawn for the WOMEN'S CUP, which fantastically welcomes 8 teams into this year’s competition.

2021 National Series Game Fees

 Some of you may be wondering how to pay the admin fee for your National Series Cup/League game(s), particularly if you’ve played in a fixture that’s already happened! 


With the ongoing uncertainty around Coronavirus and with each team possibly playing a different number of games at each fixture, we thought it would be simpler for teams to have the option to pay the sum of their admin fees once they know the final number of National Series games played this season (excluding the National Championships). Alternatively, teams can still choose to pay for each game as it happens. It’s entirely up to you!


When you’re ready to pay, you just need to go to the GoMembership event here: 

UKU National Cup - 2021 Mixed Quarter-Finals/Semi-Finals Draw [16th June]


Last night, the Competitions Committee met to carry out the next stage of the draw for the Mixed Cup quarter-finals and semi-finals. 


Note that prior to the draw being carried out, the way in which Zones and Seeding Pods were taken into account from the quarter-finals onwards was clarified. Please check rule 2.2.1 here


The results of the draw process (i.e. who will play who!) can be found here:


Please check the updated pages referenced with the date '16th June'. 


Competed in a National Series game before now (or have one coming up)?

Please make sure that you submit your game result and spirit score using THIS FORM: It's really important that we have both teams submit the game result so that we can confirm it's correct as it will count towards your overall UKU Ranking.

The results also impact who plays in consequent rounds so having this information ASAP is really useful. Before doing last night's draw we had to do some digging to find out who had won in some of the Round 0/Round 1 games, so if you could help us make this process a little easier by filling in the form as soon as your game is done then we'd really appreciate it, thanks!

Women's National Cup Entry Deadline!

Don't forget that sign ups for the Women’s Cup close on Sunday 20th June at midnight! 


Following the completion of the first Round of Mixed games in the National Cup, there is one week left for Women's teams to enter into the Women's division if they wish to. Roster rules mean that once a team is knocked out, all players are free to compete for a different team, so if you think that you might be able to get a Women's team together now then make sure that you sign up!  


Spots will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. As soon as the number of entries reaches 8, sign ups to the Women’s Cup will close, regardless of the date. We currently have 5 teams entered. 


Sign up here: