UKUA Member Update - Jan/Feb 2007

Dear UKUA Member,

You are receiving this mail because you have registered on the UK Ultimate Association web site.

Apologies if you receive this twice: this is because we are migrating to the new website and member database, and have decided to publish this update on both systems.

In this update
1. New Website
2. Member Updates
3. Elections are happening now
4. Beach Ultimate World Championships Dec 2007
5. Ultimatum 2006 out now
6. UKUA Conference Jan 2007
7. Nationals and EUCS

1. New website
If you haven't done so already, please check out the new website.

Please note that you need to set up a new user account on this website (the old one won't work), and will need to re-enter information about your team.

You can update your membership with paypal just as before.

2. Member Updates
Apologies for the lack of member update in Jan 2007.

Due to the switch in website and underlying membership database, this member update is being sent using both the old and new member update mechanisms. Apologies to those of you that receive it twice.

This is the LAST member update that will be sent using the member accounts from the old website.

Please note: on the new website you need to register for the Member Update - which also means you can decide to NOT subscribe to the update if you prefer.

In some cases this update is thrown away as spam. We will continue to try to fix this, but in the meantime please help by forwarding this update to your club's e-group.

3. UKUA Board elections are now running.
Please visit this page to vote.

You are entitled to vote if you were a member in 2006, even if you have not renewed for 2007 yet.
Voting will close at midnight on Sun 18th Feb. It doesn't take long to vote.

4. Beach Ultimate World Championships Dec 2007
The Open and Mixed GB squads have decided to take up the opportunity to lead the GB teams to the BULA World Championships in Brazil, Dec 2007.

If you are interested in leading a GB team in Women's or Masters to the World Championships in Brazil please contact us before Mon 26th Feb to register interest. We already have interest from one group wanting to lead the Women's team, so if we hear nothing - it will go to them.

5. Ultimatum 2006 out now!
You should receive your Ultimatum 2006 soon, if you haven't already.
If it doesn't arrive please check here.

A big thanks to Jack Goolden for making it happen - and thanks to those people that provided articles.

6. UKUA Conference Jan 2007
The annual conference took place on 27 Jan in London. Unfortunately it was not particularly well attended - which in part was put down to poor communication on our part. So expect more advertising next year! Some of the topics covered were:
- Tour 0, Tour Rules 2007, Nationals and EUCS
- Creating a "Guide to ultimate in the UK" that can be easily maintained
- Health & Safety at tournaments in context of liability insurance
- A short, general discussion to estimate the number of players in the UK (players, not members)
- How to improve attendance at the conference :-)
- Introduction of a scheme to help clubs organise themselves - within context of growing the club, obtaining local funding/support, meeting legal requirements when juniors are involved, etc.

Some more detailed notes from the meeting will be available on the website later this month.

Please see this article on the website regarding Tour 0.

7. Nationals and EUCS
You are hopefully aware that a new, annual European club competition started in 2006.
EUCS is a really exciting concept - and extremely important in the struggle to bring European ultimate up to the level of North America.

In 2007 there will be some changes to the way that our regions qualification works as our region has been extended to include teams from Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Consequently we have proposed that our Nationals be used as a one-off EUCR (Regional Qualification) tournament for the West region. Yes - this means that there will be teams from other countries at Nationals. It also means that it is likely only approx 12 UK Open teams will get in to the tournament!

After the tournaments in 2007, there will - of course - be a review of whether this is the approach that we take in the longer term. However - it is possible we will need to plan 2008 before that point so contact us if you have strong feelings on the matter. No doubt there will be plenty of feedback on britdisc aswell!

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Tel: 0870 760 7189