2021 National Series - Dates, League Fixtures & Cup Draw

Thank you to all of the teams that entered into the UKU National Cup! We’ve had a fantastic number of entries, and following some work on what this will mean for scheduling games, we are now able to publish the complete 2021 calendar for the National Series*.


The 2021 Calendar can also be downloaded as a PDF HERE.  


More details on how each of the pathways will work can be found below. 


*It should be noted that this schedule will continually be reviewed in light of the ongoing situation with Coronavirus. All fixtures are subject to change, to ensure that government guidelines are adhered to.

National Series Rules

Thank you for your patience whilst you’ve been waiting for the finalised version of these Rules. The full document outlining the rules and requirements for the 2021 National Series can be found HERE


These rules outline everything you need to know for taking part in the National Series, from membership and rosters to kit and venue requirements. Please ensure that you read the document in full as all of the information is important for any team or player that is planning on taking part in the Series. 


There has been one slight change in roster rules since the online discussion sessions were held, following some feedback received from teams, so we just want to highlight that there is now the possibility for Cup teams to have up to three Guest Players on their roster for any games prior to the Quarter-Final round. Full details can be found in the document [section 4].


In the spirit of #PlayMoreUltimate, we are trying to find the balance between providing official rules and guidance as quickly as possible, whilst also trying to make sure that we’ve thought of all the possible problems!  As such, this may mean there are some gaps in what we’ve published here. However, we will try to update or resolve any such issues as quickly as possible, and we really appreciate teams’ support for us, and each other, throughout the whole process! 


National League

Following the confirmation from all of the invited National League teams, the schedule for the 2021 League fixtures has been confirmed. The teams involved have been contacted directly regarding the schedule.


The League schedule can be accessed as a PDF HERE.


Not in the National League? Check to see if there is a League fixture due to take place in or near your local area! Why not see if you can arrange a Challenge League game to compete against these teams on the same date as their League fixture!


Are you a League team? Similarly, if you’re looking for a venue for your League fixture and you’re not sure of a place in the local area, why not get in touch with a local team! They might be interested in helping you find a venue and you can arrange to play a Challenge League game whilst you’re there. 


National Cup

As mentioned above, we really have had a great level of interest in the League. As of today, we have had 20 Mixed teams, 26 Open teams, and 4 Women’s teams sign up to take part. We’re super excited to get the competition underway!


Since receiving the entries, we have been working hard on finalising the procedure for what the Cup format will look like for each division and how the teams will be drawn against each other for each Round. We’re really trying to find a way to balance a random draw with minimised travel whilst also recognising the importance of having some seeded teams. 

  • Round 0 (the prelim round) and Round 1 games will be played on the same day. Games will be drawn so that a group of teams will travel to the same location to play out their knockout rounds, with the winner of the Round 0 game going on to play a predetermined Round 1 opponent. 
  • The Quarter-Final and Semi-Final (and recovery round equivalents) will also be arranged in the same format. 

Original infographic outlining how the knockout rounds will work for the National Cup

Combining these Rounds in this way will mean that teams will now only be required to go play on 2 fixture dates rather than 4, and it will hopefully mean that it’s more beneficial to travel the required distances as you may be expected to play 2 games rather than just 1. This will also give you the opportunity to play an additional Challenge League game if you wish to. 
We do still need a little more time just to be sure that we’ve got it right though, and as we wanted to make sure that you at least had the dates for your division’s Cup fixtures so that you can start to organise your teams, we thought it would be better to get this out now and send you additional information in the coming days. 
To confirm, the dates for each division are as follows:


We will be carrying out the National Cup Draw (for the Mixed and Open divisions only - more info on Women’s below) on the evening of Wednesday 12th May, and this will be carried out by UKU staff with the UKU Competitions Committee observing the process to ensure that it’s been carried out correctly. Once the draw has been carried out, provided that no issues arise, the outcome will be published on Thursday along with a record of the steps that were carried out and a detailed document outlining the process of the draw.


The Women’s Cup

For the Women’s Division, due to the fact that increasing the number of teams in the Women’s Cup from 4 to 8 will not require an extra Round to be played at an earlier date, we have decided to keep sign ups OPEN for this division only. This will not affect the 4 teams that have entered so far - we can confirm that these teams can expect to compete in a fixture on the weekend of 17th-18th July - however we would like to take the opportunity to offer up the chance for more Women’s teams to compete.


Sign ups for the Women’s Cup will now close on Sunday 20th June at midnight. This is also in part to enable Women’s players from Mixed teams to put together a team to compete in the Women’s Cup if they are not successful in qualifying to the next Round in Mixed (as roster rules mean that once a team is knocked out, all players are free to compete for a different team). 


Spots will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. As soon as the number of entries reaches 8, sign ups to the Women’s Cup will close, regardless of the date. 


Sign up here: https://forms.gle/vKBBe6RNhoDUXCvRA 


It would be helpful, if you are competing in the Mixed division but expect that you might want to enter the Women’s Cup should you get knocked out, that you let us know of your interest by emailing events@ukultimate.com. This does not guarantee anything but it would be really useful to know if anyone is considering it! 


The games for the Women’s Cup will be drawn following the final closing date on 20th June, in line with the draw for the next Rounds of the Open Cup. 


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