2021 National Series Game Fees

 Some of you may be wondering how to pay the admin fee for your National Series Cup/League game(s), particularly if you’ve played in a fixture that’s already happened! 


With the ongoing uncertainty around Coronavirus and with each team possibly playing a different number of games at each fixture, we thought it would be simpler for teams to have the option to pay the sum of their admin fees once they know the final number of National Series games played this season (excluding the National Championships). Alternatively, teams can still choose to pay for each game as it happens. It’s entirely up to you!


When you’re ready to pay, you just need to go to the GoMembership event here: http://bit.ly/2021NationalSeriesGameFeePayment 


Once you’re in the event, all you have to do is:

  • Select the number of tickets for the number of games played (e.g. 4 games played = 4 tickets = £60 fee)
  • Add the tickets to your cart
  • Complete the checkout process


If you’re not sure on how many National Series games you’ve played, just email us at events@ukultimate.com and we can let you know as we’ll be keeping track of this throughout the season. 


If you would also like to use this GoMembership event to make a donation for any Challenge League games that you've played then please feel free to do so. We really appreciate the continuing support from everyone, so thank you from all of the team here at UKU!