And still there's more! Additional important London Calling info #ukut2

Continuing the release of info...

We can expect a draft schedule and full Info Pack tomorrow, all being well (though one team has, just now, let us know they are struggling and may pull out). Anyway, here are the next few things to think about:

1) Water

Each team will be given some 5L bottles when they arrive. We intend for you to refill these throughout the weekend. There will NOT be water at the side of your pitch - you need to fill your own water bottles, AND these large containers, and then you should have enough to get through until the next gap in the schedule. If you get thirsty because your JTM didn't fill the water, we can't help you!


2) Transport

There are a couple of issues that have been highlighted in the London area:

- The train route from St Pancras to St Albans City is being replaced with a bus service. It's probably best avoided - you can go from King's Cross to either Potters Bar or Hatfield instead. And St Albans Abbey appears unaffected also. The Britdisc hive-mind has settled on Potters Bar as the best option, but you might want to look into it and make your own decision.

- Apparently you no longer pay at a barrier if using the Dartford Crossing - you need to pay online within 24 hours after going through. It is also apparently possible to pay cash at "Payzone" stores. The site at lists some "local" to the tournament, if you select: Store Locator -> Transport & Ticketing -> Dart Charge -> AL2 1BZ


3) Sainsbury's and McDonald's

There is pedestrian access from the venue to the Sainsbury's on the other side of the M25 via a footbridge - the route will be shown on the pitch map. There is however NO PEDESTRIAN ACCESS to the drive-thru McDonald's (which looks so close to the Sainsburys on google maps) - you need to get in your car to go there. It's been made very clear by the local council that they do not want pedestrians on the road bridge over the M25, so do not attempt to walk to McDonald's.

There is of course food served all day on site anyway!


4) Read the other stuff!

Previous important info was here: