Beach Nationals 2021 - CANCELLED

After a great deal of thought we are extremely sad to announce that Beach Nationals 2021 is cancelled.  None of us want *another* cancelled tournament, but after careful consideration we have concluded that this is the best course of action.  The key factors in our decision are:

  • The combination of forecast wind speeds and heavy rain on Saturday in particular has the potential to create a situation that is unsafe for participants, volunteers and staff.  The location is exposed and players will have limited options for warming up and attempting to dry clothes between games.  
  • The forecast wind speeds all weekend will create almost unplayable conditions - it will be unpleasant at best.
  • The situation is likely to force players to huddle in large numbers in small indoor spaces increasing the risk of covid transmission.
  • We remain concerned about the risks to safe travel created by the ongoing problems with accessing fuel.

Finally, we believe it is better to make and communicate the decision now, rather than delay another 12-24 hours in the hope that the forecast improves.  Hopefully this gives people time to make alternative plans, and is clearly better for those players who would otherwise be leaving home tomorrow morning.  

We will issue a full refund to all teams next week.