Beach Nationals 2021 - Fuel Situation and Schedule Update

We have not yet confirmed the schedule for Beach Nationals.  We do plan to use the schedule as published, but we have been waiting to see how the fuel situation develops.  


At this point we would like to hear from ALL teams regarding their assessment of how the fuel situation affects their ability to get TO and HOME FROM the event.  Ideally please get in touch this evening (Wed 29th) if possible, but otherwise by tomorrow midday (Thurs 30th).  We appreciate you may need to discuss this within the team if you haven’t done so yet.


Please email or contact Si or Meg directly by phone if you prefer.  


Depending on the number of teams who decide that they are unable to travel, we may make adjustments to the schedule. We may decide that we have to cancel the event but at this stage we are hoping and planning to go ahead. We will do our best to help the teams that conclude they are unable to attend due to the current circumstances. We aim to provide an update tomorrow afternoon. 


As an aside, we note that the weather forecast is not looking fun.  Please make sure your teammates are clear about the limited amount of cover on the beach.  As per the information on the event website ( we don’t have a marquee on the beach for this event, so you may need to rely on local cafes. Please come prepared!