Club Indoor Events 22-23 Jan - Event Info and Draft Schedules

Please see below for event information and update about draft schedules for the Club Indoor Qualifier events on 22-23 Jan.



Sadly, Covid-19 restrictions mean that the events in Scotland cannot go ahead as planned.  We are waiting to discuss options with the venue.  In the meantime we have sent a short survey to all the teams to collect information to help us work through those options.  Here is the link to the survey, but we really just want one response per team, so please coordinate internally on who is responding.


Other events draft Schedules and Event Info


Club Women’s Indoor Qualifiers (Midlands CWIQ) - Alan Higgs

Info Pack:


Please check your schedule to ensure that there aren't any issues. Given the obvious and significant risk of disruption to all of our events, which could lead to last-minute changes, fewer opponents and games or even last-minute cancellation, the schedules may not be confirmed until the event starts.


South East COIQ - Cranford 

Info Pack:

Schedule: TBA (expected early next week)


South West COIQ - Plymouth

Info Pack: 

Schedule: TBA (expected early next week)

Updated Indoor Event Plan (Covid Measures)

If you haven’t done so already then please, please read our updated Indoor Event Plan (, but here are some key highlights:

  • Do not attend if you feel unwell - whatever the symptoms.
  • Take a lateral flow test in the 48 hours before the tournament (ideally as late as possible).  That said, we recognise that there are issues with the availability of tests and participants are permitted to attend if they really could not obtain a test.
  • Playing Ultimate necessarily involves the kind of contact that increases risk of transmission. 

There are clearly very high levels of infection in the UK at the moment.  Spending a day or weekend in an enclosed, albeit large, indoor space, playing a sport that involves coming into contact with your opponents, increases your risk of being infected; noting that it is quite possible for an infectious individual to be asymptomatic and to have recently returned a negative test.  All players should carefully consider the potential impact of the increased risk that comes with participating at an indoor Ultimate event currently.


Nationals Bid Allocation

Check the schedule for provisional bid allocation to Nationals.


Membership and Rostering

Please don’t forget that all players need at least basic UKU Membership. You must have your TEAM ROSTER on the JustGo website up to date, so it contains only the players who are playing with your team this weekend. 

The details of how to update a team roster can be found in this document. Note that ONLY Club Admins can update the team roster(s).

We will take a download of all rosters during each event and will be in touch with any players listed on a roster who are found not to hold at least basic UKU Membership.

If you have any questions or issues please email  



While we all love Ultimate and are desperate to get back to playing, we’re also all managing different concerns and considerations, and not everything will be as smooth or as easy as we’d like it to be. With that in mind we want to remind all of our players to stay kind and thoughtful, towards other players, volunteers and staff.