Club Mixed Indoor Nationals & Spiceball Cup 2020 - Final Standings, Spirit Results & Lost Property

Well done to everyone that took part in CXIN and the Spiceball Cup at the weekend! It was great to see so many teams taking part in mixed indoors across the country.


Huge congratulations to Danger! High Voltage who took home the winners trophy for the 5th year in a row! Also to Reading 2 who came top in the Spiceball Cup event and EXE who won the Plate at K2 Crawley. Full final standings for both events can be found in the online schedules 


The complete spirit results and breakdowns for both events can be found here: Well done to the winners of the Spirit of the Game award for the two competitions! 

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Any questions regarding Spirit of the Game? Please email Although please note that the trophy was handed out at the end of the events to the highest scoring team at the time, so if your team is now at the top of the table but you haven't been given the award, please take it up with the teams who didn't submit their scores until later in the day :-)


Lost property will be posted on the UKU Facebook Page soon so please keep an eye out for updates. If any of the items are yours then please comment on the photo to claim it and a member of staff will be in touch to arrange collection/delivery of the item. Please note that items can either be collected at Y Ddraig Goch, UMWON or be posted to you for a reasonable fee. Any items not claimed by the end of THURSDAY 26th MARCH will be disposed of.


Already looking forward to Indoors 2020-21? Keep an eye out for updates as we'll be looking to grow Club Mixed Indoors next year!