CXIN 2020 - Venues Update & Confirmed Team List

Since our previous announcement, we have been exploring the options for the upcoming CXIN event following the unexpectedly high number of entries that we received. 


Unfortunately we have been unable to find any suitable venues which have availability in the nearby, surrounding area to the CXIN venue. However, we have found a 2 pitch venue - Spiceball Leisure Centre in Banbury - that will be able to accommodate a full day booking on SUNDAY 8TH MARCH for a one day event! As such, we have carried out the allocation criteria for CXIN, and then created a secondary team list, confirming the teams that will have a space at the Spiceball venue should everyone still wish to compete at an indoor event that weekend. 


There is more information for both competitions below.


CXIN @ K2 Crawley, RH11 9BQ

Confirmed Team List:

1 Birmingham Ultimate 1

2 Birmingham Ultimate 2

3 Brixton 1

4 Brixton 2

5 Cosmic Manatees

6 Curve

7 Danger! High Voltage


9 F.I.T

10 Geometrically Frustrated Magnets

11 Horsham 1 

12 Hustle 

13 Lemmings 1

14 Mighty Hucks

15 Mouldy Rice

16 Oxford Ultimate


18 Poole

19 Reading 1

20 Recurring Knightmare

21 Red 1

22 Sandwedge

23 SCU 1

24 Shakedown

25 Team Surf

26 The Brown

27 Water Snakes

28 YCU 1


The details for this event have remained the same. The event will run from approx. 9am-6pm on both Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March. Full event information HERE


The “OH NO THERE WERE TOO MANY TEAMS” Spiceball Cup @ Spiceball Leisure Centre, OX16 2BW

We apologise that we are not able to offer a full weekend event for all of the remaining teams at this time, but we hope that this will still provide everyone with a small opportunity to play a bit more Ultimate. This event will run from 9am-8pm on Sunday 8th March ONLY.


We understand that this is a little bit different and a little further away from the location that teams will have originally expected, so we offer ALL teams the opportunity to drop out of this event at no penalty. 


We only ask that ALL TEAMS please confirm your intentions for this event ASAP - whether you’re definitely going or you don’t want to go -  by emailing  If you need a bit longer to work things out, please let us know what you’d like to do NO LATER THAN SUNDAY 16th FEBRUARY. This is so that we have sufficient time to put together the schedule for the event. If we do not hear from your team by this date, it will be assumed that you are not attending and a full refund will be processed.


For teams that do want to take part though, we appreciate that the event will now be for one day only rather than two, and so we are happy to process a partial refund of £60 to bring the team entry fee to £100. 


Also, if you would be interested in helping us run this extra event - either as a club or an individual - please let us know by emailing Thank you!


Confirmed Teams-Offered-A-Space List:

1 Chronically Unfit

2 Cranfield Uni A

3 Hong Kong Kids

4 Horsham 2

5 Kent 

6 Lemmings 2

7 Loughborough University

8 Mixed Intentions

9 Norwich

10 Purple Cobras

11 Reading 2

12 Red 2

13 St Albans

14 Team Surrey

15 Team Xtreme

16 University of Huddersfield


Please make sure that you email confirming whether you WILL or WON’T be going to the one-day event. 


One last thing.  We’d love to hear from teams that entered for the first time this year.  Was there something about this event that caused you to enter when you haven’t done so in the past?  Do you expect you have a team/group that will play Club Mixed again next year?  


Following the influx of teams this year, we will be undertaking a review to see if there’s a better way for us to make sure that as many teams can take part in club mixed indoor Ultimate as possible. However, we can only build a more accurate plan if we have a bit more information from you about what your team/club may do in the future, and so any info you can provide would be much appreciated!




If you have questions, queries or concerns regarding the event or your team’s entry, please email