EUCS Bids 2020 & Rule Update for UKU Events

Following the latest WFDF appendix release, the Competitions Committee has agreed to implement the rule changes that apply to UKU events; section A7 - Receiving Fouls. The full WFDF appendix (including a track changes version) can be found here:  


Also, after the EUCF decision to implement Gender Ratio Rule A at all EUF events from 2020, UK Ultimate will also be implementing the rule for UKU Nationals 2020 ONLY. Gender Ratio Rule B will continue to be used at ALL 2019-20 events EXCEPT UKU Nationals (EUCR-West). However, should both opponents agree, teams may use Rule A for their game(s) should they wish to. 


We will be gathering feedback on the possible rule change throughout the year, however we are currently planning to change to Rule A for ALL UKU events in 2020-21. Teams should account for this in their plans for next season. 


The bids for EUCS 2020 are also confirmed. The details bid allocation for both UKU Nationals (EUCR-W) and EUCF is below.


EUCR-WEST BIDS 2020 (UKU Nationals)

Open Women Mixed
South 5 4 3
North 6 1 4
Ireland 5 3 1
Waitlist S, N, I N, S, I N, S, I



Open Women Mixed
West 5 3 2
Central 5 3 3
South 6 4 2
East 4 3 2
North 4 3 3
Waitlist S, C, E, W, N E, C, W, N, S W, S, C, E, N