Outstanding National Series Fees


Have you played in the National Cup or the National League this year? If so, please make sure that your team has paid your National Series game fees. 


Thank you to the majority of you that have paid so far! That small fee that you have paid is genuinely valuable and helps to cover the work that we’ve done this year to get the competition series up and running.


We understand that there has been a lot of work required from your teams and club administrators to help facilitate and organise your National Series fixtures and we really appreciate your support, thank you. However, there is also a lot of work that went on behind the scenes to create, manage and oversee the Series. This small £15 per game fee might seem a bit odd or unnecessary, but the collective income it generates for us does make a difference. Despite hosting Nationals at the end of August, we have not made any money from events in 2020-21, so the £15 per game fee is all of the event income we’ll receive this season. In an ideal world, we probably would have liked to make it slightly more, but we also wanted to keep the competition structure accessible for everyone. 


You can pay the team fee on the GoMembership website, you just need to go to the event here: http://bit.ly/2021NationalSeriesGameFeePayment. Once you’re in the event, all you have to do is:

  • Select the number of tickets for the number of games played (e.g. 4 games played = 4 tickets = £60 fee)
  • Add the tickets to your cart
  • Complete the checkout process

If you’re unsure of how many games your team has played throughout the season, check out the number here: https://bit.ly/NationalSeriesGamesPlayed. Note that this only shows how many games you’ve played, not how many games you still need to pay for! 


Or, if you really feel that your team shouldn’t have to pay it and/or you don’t feel that we did enough to warrant asking this from you, please talk to us by emailing events@ukultimate.com. We are here to support you and your teams to play more Ultimate, so if you don’t think we did that and you think that we need to do more, we need you to let us know.


If you just want to give us general feedback on the season, we’ll be sending out more information on how you can do that soon! There’ll be several ways you can share your thoughts on how 2021 was for you, just keep an eye out for the announcement.