UKU Club Open Indoor Qualifiers - Additional Event Update

As per our previous announcements regarding the oversubscribed COIQ events, we have been exploring options to put on additional COIQ events in order to give the teams who wished to play, but didn’t originally receive a spot at an event, the chance to do so.

We are pleased to be able to announce that:

  1. We now have the capacity for an additional 7 teams at the COIQ Plymouth event, taking place at Marjon Sports Centre on 22nd/23rd January.

  2. If there is sufficient interest, we have the capacity to run an additional COIQ event for up to 16 teams on Sunday 9th January at Cranford Superdome. This is because, following the entries closing for CXIQ, we now know that we have the option to run a one day tournament for all the teams that entered the CXIQ Cranford event on Saturday January 8th. We will confirm the tournament format (i,e if there will be a COIQ event or if CXIQ will be a two day tournament) at Cranford Superdome by the end of next week. 

We have contacted all the teams who were on the waitlist for one of the COIQ events, to offer them the chance to apply for a spot at one of the events listed above. Those teams will have until midnight on Sunday 12th December to apply for a priority spot. 

After the 12th December deadline for waitlist teams to respond, any remaining capacity will be allocated on a first come first served basis including new teams who are not on the waitlist.


Whilst we appreciate this isn’t a perfect solution - especially for the teams in Scotland - this approach has opened up 23 new spots for the 25 teams that were on the waitlist, and we hope that it will enable many of the teams on the waitlist to still compete in the Club Open Indoor National Series this year.