UKU Junior Mixed Outdoor Nationals 2019-20 - Entries Open!

We are pleased to anounce that entries for Junior Mixed Outdoor Nationals 2019-20 are now open!


The event is being held at St Bede's Catholic College, Long Cross, Bristol on Saturday 5th October. It is a ONE DAY event.


Entries are open in all three divisions: Under-14, Under-17 and Junior (Under-20). This event will be played according to the specifications used at the International School Sports Federation's Ultimate World Schools Championships event:

- 5-a-side

- reduced size pitches (66m x 24m; 12m endzones)

- 2-3 gender split on pitch at all times

However, game duration will be varied by age category.


As this is the first year that we have offered this event, we strongly advise against booking any non-cancellable accommodation or transport until we are able to confirm the viability of the event and each of the divisions. We expect to be able to provide updates on this prior to the entry deadline, but no team's place at the tournament is guaranteed unless officially confirmed by UK Ultimate.

All teams must be mixed gender and able to conform to the required gender split throughout the tournament. Please ensure that you have sufficient players of both genders available before making your entry. Single gender schools interested in attending should contact us on, so that we can try to match you to a suitable school of the opposite gender to enter a combined team.


Teams need to enter using the NEW entry process via our NEW events and membership website. If you need any help on how to do this, check out the "how-to" steps published here.


If you have any problems entering though, please make sure to email so that we can assist you. In particular, we recognise that the event's timing close to the summer holidays and status as a new entry into the calendar may mean that some teams struggle with the entry deadline of Tuesday 17th September. If this is the case, please get in touch to let us know your status, so that we can plan appropriately.


The team fee for this event is £90. Payment can be made via the new team entry system on GoMembership.


More details on eligibility, entry and the event itself can be found on the event page:


Please note in particular the following:

- All teams are encouraged to come! There are no minimum standards and no qualifying criteria. There will be lots of beginner teams so if you're a brand new school team don't be afraid to come along - you're guaranteed lots of games, and most of them against teams of a similar level.


- The entry deadline is Tuesday 17th September at 12 noon so make sure that you enter before the deadline to guarantee yourself a space! We anticipate that we will be able to offer everyone a space at this event, but prompt entries will help us to plan more effectively.


Any questions, please email