UKU Junior Open Indoor Nationals 2018/19 - Results & Spirit Standings

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent Junior Open Indoor Nationals event! With 16 teams competing, from beginner to experienced, it was an exciting weekend filled with great Ultimate and Spirit!


The final game of the weekend saw title holders AirBadgers 1 (St Peter's School, Exeter) lining up against 2017's winners, Flux (Twycross House School, Twycross). An exciting match saw Flux reclaim the trophy with an impressive display, securing their second win of the weekend against the holders.

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The Plate trophy was awarded to Sussex Stingrays, a new Junior Club team in their first outing at this event!


Final standings can be found on the online schedule here:


Huge congratulations also go to our Spirit of the Game winners for the weekend: Rice Frisbees 1 (Mill Hill School, Mill Hill)!


The full results and breakdown can be found here:


We continue to see the score reporting and use of comments improving at these events, with many teams taking the opportunity to provide others with valuable written feedback, and promote even better Spirit at future events. However, a small number of scores had to be removed due to not being valid. Often, this was because the score fell outside the 'normal' range, but was not ccompanied by a comment to indicate that it wasn't submitted accidentally or without correct application of the criteria. Accurate Spirit of the Game scores are essential to supporting teams to continually improve their Spirit in games, so please take the time to familiarise yourselves with the submission rules and ensure all players understand the scoring criteria. If you have any questions on how to submit scores, or how to use the criteria, please speak to a TD.


Any questions regarding Spirit of the Game? Please email


We look forward to seeing you all at Junior Open Outoor Nationals, being held on Sunday 30th June, at University of Leicester Playing Fields. Entries open very soon!