UKU Junior Open Indoor Nationals 2019-20 - Final Standings, Spirit Results & Lost Property

Well done to everyone that took part in the Junior Open Indoor Nationals event at Aldersley over the weekend! It was a highly competitive weekend, with some great talent across the board. We hope that you all had a fantastic competition!


Huge congratulations to Flux 1 for taking home the Winners trophy, following a strong performance in the final against the Irish team Gonzaga. Also, well done to Airbadgers 4 for winning the plate after topping the 13-20 bracket. 



Final standings for the weekend can be found on the online schedule here:


Huge congratulations also goes to our Spirit of the Game winner - Sussex Stingrays! The full spirit results and breakdown can be found here:


Although we kindly ask all coaches/captains to please remind your teams and spirit captains that any scores of 0 or 4 need to be accompanied by a comment, as otherwise they will be discounted. Similarly, please remember that the 'Repeat Game' box needs to be ticked if you have played the same opponent before so that the score isn't accidentally counted as a duplicate entry. Thank you to everyone that submitted their scores though - it's great to see such useful feedback being passed on to teams so that Spirit can be improved throughout the year! 


If you have any questions regarding Spirit of the Game, please email


Also, thank you to everyone for helping keep the venue clear at the end of the weekend. We only have 1 black, short sleeve Slazenger top that's unclaimed, so please let us know if this is yours by emailing


Don't forget that Junior Open Outdoor Nationals & School National Championships 2020 is being held at Moor Lane, Birmingham on Saturday 4th July! Entries are open NOW on the GoMembership website until THURSDAY 7th MAY. If you have any questions, please email We look forward to receiving your entries!