UKU Junior Open Indoor Nationals - Info Pack & DRAFT Schedule

We are pleased to announce that the Info Pack and DRAFT Schedule are now available for Junior Open Indoor Nationals, which is taking place on Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th February at WV Active Aldersley.


The DRAFT Schedule and Info Pack can be found online here:

DRAFT Schedule:

Info Pack:


The two documents can also be downloaded as PDFs from the event page here:


Please note that the schedule will be in DRAFT format until Monday 18th February to give teams time to look it over and report any errors. Please report any such issues by emailing


Changes are very unlikely, but we advise that teams refrain from printing hard copies of the schedule until after it has been confirmed.


However, we can confirm that the Captains' Meeting will take place at 10am on Saturday in the Sports Hall.


We look forward to seeing you there!