UKU Junior Open Outdoor Nationals & School National Championships - Schedule Confirmed & Additional Notices

We are pleased to be able to confirm the schedule for this weekend's Junior Open Outdoor Nationals and Schools National Championships event, being held at University of Leicester Playing Fields.


There are no changes to the schedule from the draft that was released yesterday. However, a clarification has been added to the 'Rules' page regarding the hooting arrangements to signal the start and end of games.


Additionally, a Pitch Map has been added to the Info Pack and on the event page.



Info Pack:

Event Page:


***Hot Weather***

The forecast for this weekend is for a continuation of the very hot weather we have been having. Please bear this in mind when packing for the weekend. Bring sun cream and apply it regularly, make sure you have plenty of water (equivalent to 2 x 1 litre bottles, and top them up throughout the day) and bring a hat to wear (at least when on the sideline).

We recommend taking the opportunity to shelter indoors if you have any long breaks. Use the shade of trees when off the pitch or doing spirit circles.


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!