UKU Junior Outdoor Nationals & Schools Championship Finals - Update #ukujon

This weekend is the UKU Schools Championships and Junior Outdoor Nationals in Birmingham.

Final info, including schedules and captain's packs, will be delivered later in the week, as some teams are still not absolutely sure of their plans, For now though, please check the entry list below against what you're expecting and let us know of any issues. There have been quite a few pull-outs and changes of divisions, so we're just checking.

Also - we're aware that a few schools are looking to have their Schools teams join in at the bottom of the Junior division on Sunday. Obviously some schools prefer a one day tournament as it avoids an overnight stay, but for others - particularly those with junior teams also attending - it's easier to give the players 2 days of competition, and so we we're happy to allow these teams to join in on Sunday. We do however NEED TO KNOW ASAP which ones would like to do so!

All teams in the Schools divisions are requested to please get in touch to confirm whether you would like to play on sunday also - even if the answer is no, and even if you've already discussed it a little with us, just so we can be sure we're scheduling for the right number of teams. Let us know on benji.heywood[at]



Southern Tekkers
Arctic 1
Arctic 2
Arctic 3
Rice Frisbees 1
Rice Frisbees 2
Airbadgers 1
Airbadgers 2
Airbadgers 3
Airbadgers 4
Airbadgers 5


Schools (including those in the Y8 and under division):

Evolution Y8
Gildredge House Y8
Oporto British School Y8
Manor Y8
Arctic (possibly Y8)
Airbadgers Y8
WACS (possibly Y8)


As you can see, some teams are not yet completely certain of the make-up of their Schools teams. The main Schools division will have 4-6 teams, and the Y8 and under division will have 5-7 teams - we're not yet sure!


In other news, we can now confirm that camping is definitely CANCELLED due to no-one wanting to do it; and that there will be NO FOOD available to purchase at the venue on the day, as previously indicated.