UKU Junior & School Nationals - UPDATES TO SCHEDULE

Apologies for releasing an updated schedule at this late stage. However, in issuing the 'confirmed' schedule this morning we overlooked some feedback regarding the balance of game time vs rest time for the younger divisions. Having reflected on this and the expected conditions this weekend, we have made some adjustments to the schedule.


U14s and U17s:

- The first two game slots have been adjusted to be 20 minute games followed by 20 minute gaps, to reduce the impact of back-to-back games.

- The end of game rules have been updated. At the end of time, finish the possession. Draws are allowed in pool games. In bracket games, if you end on a draw, finish the point.

- All teams have a break in the middle of the day of at least two consecutive game slots.

- In every game, teams can take one 2-minute timeout.


U14s additionally have had the 5-12 crossovers removed.


This means that some game times have shifted slightly. The end times for U14s and U17s are also slightly later.


The U20 division has not been changed from the version released this morning.


The schedule can be found at the same link as before: and all documents on the event page have been updated.


Many thanks for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!