UKU London Calling - Planned rescheduling options

Thanks to everyone for your understanding during the deluge this afternoon, and the loss of the last round of games. Obviously with standing water on pitches it was more important that we enable them to drain, in order to be able to play tomorrow, rather than risk damaging them tonight.


We have checked through the schedule and come up with a provisional plan for tomorrow. This is obviously at some small risk of change (though the pitches do now appear to be drying) and it's possible we'll have some hard decisions to make, But the below is certainly firm enough that you should base your travel plans on it. Your start time will be as below, or later.


Note that there are significant changes in the A tour - please read carefully.




All unplayed crossover games will be awarded to the higher seed as per the WFDF appendix, and tomorrow's schedule will continue as originally planned*. We understand that some of the games were relatively important and that some teams may not enjoy the loss of their shot upwards, but it was not possible to find a solution that would enable us to play these games without causing something worse to happen.

Unplayed pool games will also be resolved under the rules in the WFDF appendix, which awards the unplayed games to the higher seed.


[*Women's 18v19 at 12:20pm - Vurve against Lemmings - has moved to pitch 2. Nothing else has changed in the Women's division!]


C Tour:

All unplayed crossover games will be awarded to the higher seed as per the WFDF appendix and tomorrow's schedule will continue as originally planned. Again, we were unable to find a solution for those crossovers that did not compromise even more important parts of the schedule.


B Tour:

Unplayed Pool J games will be awarded to the higher seed, as per the WFDF appendix. In practice, it was already determined which two teams would go into the top 8, and which would go in to the bottom 8, and so even though they may be the wrong way round all teams are at least in the correct bracket. The schedule for sunday will continue as originally planned.


A Tour:

The postponed crossovers represent the only opportunity in the whole weekend for teams from pools E & F to move upwards, and hence it's very important to try to play these games. The schedule will be rewritten as follows:

Seeds 1-8 - As originally scheduled.

Seeds 9-12 - Round robin, 1st game 10:40 am

Seeds 13-20 - Play today's postponed crossover at 9am, then play out the remainder of the 13-20 bracket (i.e. the 9-16 QF is now removed). These teams cannot now get above 13th (they could have reached 9th on the original schedule), but that is better than keeping the QF and removing the crossover, which would have trapped all of pools E & F in the bottom 8 all weekend.

Seeds 21-24 - Round robin, 1st game 10:40 am


Note that some teams will start earlier than on the original schedule (seeds 17-20) and some later (seeds 9-12). We are endeavouring to contact these teams directly to make them aware.

The online schedule will be updated in the next couple of hours, with the times and pitches of all games, but the start times above should be treated as confirmed.

Schedule: (will be updated ASAP tonight)

Thanks to all for your patience, and we'll see you in the morning!