UKU Membership Checks OWT1-2 2014 #ukut1 #ukut2


In the last six months we've been doing membership checks on a few of the teams at each of the UKU events.  We have found a low - but not insignificant - number of players forgetting to renew their membership. As a result we have decided to check ALL UK-based teams that played London Calling, and ALL UK-based teams that will attend OWT2.  We need full team-lists for both events - instructions as follows:

1. UKU-Affiliated clubs are exempt from the checks because they have already been through a process of ensuring their members are UKU members.  We thank those clubs for their support, and remind their committee to ensure their players competing in UKU Tour have full or full-uni/u18 membership.

2. This exemption will be extended to clubs that complete the UKU Club Affiliation application form BEFORE Monday 16th June.

For all other teams:

3. Each UK-based team that entered London Calling and/or OWT2, Nottingham is required to send a list of players that competed for their team at each event as follows:

(i) Full Name (ideally Firstname Lastname) - but can be in two columns if you prefer

(ii) Played London Calling (y/n)

(iii) Expected to play OWT2 (y/n)

(iv) UKU username OR Email address registered on

We only need ONE of username or email address.

4. The list should be sent to as a spreadsheet attachment (Excel) or spreadsheet link (googledocs).  If you cannot use either of those options we can accept a list in text but please use a comma "," to seperate each item and put each individual on a new line.

5. If and only if your team roster on is up to date you may send an email listing the differences between the online roster and the playing-rosters for your team at the two events.  There need to be a small number of differences: less than 10.

6. We have to check something like 100 teams.  If your team list is in the wrong format we'll probably ask you to do it again.


Some additional comments

  • The individual membership scheme that UKU operates is fundamental to the organisation's existence, and to the growth and success of ultimate in the UK in the last 10-15 years.
  • We have no interest in catching people out, nor in implementing punishments.  Please see this as a kind of amnesty on players that forgot to renew before Tour 1 and don't miss them off your list.  Its a small community and we have volunteers to review the team lists from across Open-A,B,C and the Women's divisions.
  • We will pick out a few teams to check in person at OWT2.  They may be selected at random. 
  • If you or your players have problems renewing their membership, please contact us.  
  • If your player is convinced they have renewed but its not showing up online, then please contact us.
  • Please help make sure this goes smoothly by sending us a complete list and chasing all your players to be up to date.

Apologies to the majority of teams and players that already take this requirement seriously and help to make sure it gets done.  We hate wasting anyone's time.