UKU Mixed Ranking Events "Y Ddraig Goch" & "Grey Towers" 2020 - Entries Now Open!

Following some positive news from the University of Cardiff, Y Ddraig Goch 2020 will go ahead at the Llanrumney playing fields on 28th-29th March 2020.

Please note that we are still currently in the process of finalising our booking, however verbally we have had the go ahead for the event. As such, we are happy to open entries for the competition at this time, however we urge teams to avoid making any concrete logistical plans until we can 100% confirm the event. Should any further issues arise with the booking, we will let teams know as soon as possible. 


Due to the close proximity to the event, there will not be an early bird entry period. However, entries for ALL teams are open now. This means that everyone wishing to attend the event can enter now! 

The Closing Date for Y Ddraig Goch 2020 is Thursday 27th February. Full information on the UKU Event Page and the Event Website



Also, if you’re interested in playing more Mixed Ultimate this season, Early Bird entries for the Grey Towers of Durham are also open now! The event is being held at The Graham Sports Centre, Durham on 25th-26th April.


The full details for the Grey Towers event can be found on the UKU Event Page and the Event Website


To clarify, the entry opening/closing dates* for the Mixed Round 2 events are as follows:

Tier 1 Entries Open - The Grey Towers of Durham ONLY: 30th January

Early Bird Entry Deadline: 27th February

Tier 2 Entries Open: 28th February (Durham & Southern venue TBC)

Entry Closing Date: 26th March



Teams can enter both events using the GoMembership website, through the Events & Courses section. The guidelines for how to enter can be found on both of the Y Ddraig Goch and Grey Towers UKU Event Pages, as well as the lists of Protected Teams for each competition. 


Alternatively, if you’d like to go to a Southern event in April instead and have a possible venue in mind for where it could be held, please get in touch as we’d love to make this event happen! Currently no bids have been received for this competition to go ahead. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email


*Please remember that these events use the Club Outdoor Event Entry Process outlined HERE. This means that currently only Early Bird entries for the TIER 1 DURHAM event are being accepted. If you enter in this period (before 27th February) you will be subject to the harsher drop out penalties should you no longer wish to participate in the event, however you will also benefit from earlier confirmation of whether you have been awarded a space at the event and a slightly reduced team entry fee. 

If you are not sure whether this type of entry is suitable for your team, entries will remain open until the Closing Date (26th March) to allocate remaining spaces at the Tier 1 event and the places at the two Tier 2 events (please see dates below). Full details can be found in the entry procedure document, which we recommend that you familiarise yourself with, and if you have any questions then please email and we will be happy to help.