UKU National Cup - 2021 Draw [12th May]


Last night, on Wednesday 12th May, UKU staff and the UKU Competitions Committee held a virtual meeting to carry out the draw for the UKU National Cup in the Mixed and Open divisions. This follows the announcement made on Tuesday 11th May regarding the National Series Rules & Dates, as well as the plan for the Women’s Division (entries are still open).


The UKU National Cup Draw Procedure document (NCDP) fully outlines everything you need to know about the draw, including how Seeding Pods and Zones were allocated and what the exact draw process is. 


The full NCDP can be found here:


The process can be a little tricky to follow, as we’ve really tried to find a way to balance random draw with minimised travel whilst also recognising the importance of having some seeded teams. We’ve created a flow chart to help visualise and follow the process which can be found HERE (Ctrl+Alt++ to zoom in). Although please note that this flow chart only shows the process for ‘drawing each round’ (NCDP Section 4). 


The results of the draw process (i.e. who will play who!) can be found here:


This document includes several sheets, which are described in more detail below:


Pods, Zones & Team Allocation

This sheet includes:

  • The allocation of Mixed Teams into their Seeding Pods [E1-K19] (NCDP Section 1)
  • The allocation of Open Teams into their Seeding Pods [L1-R19] (NCDP Section 1)
  • The defined Zones to be used in the draw procedure [A20-D66] (NCDP Section 2)
  • The allocation of Mixed Teams into their respective Zones [E20-K66] (NCDP Section 2
  • The allocation of Open Teams into their respective Zones [L20-R66] (NCDP Section 2

Mixed Cup Draw/Open Cup Draw

This sheet shows the final draw of games for each Round. 


Mixed Cup Draw Process /Open Cup Draw Process

This sheet outlines the complete draw process that was followed step-by-step in the virtual meeting.  

The maps shown in I - N were used to highlight which Teams were available at each step. As each Team was assigned to a game it was greyed out to ensure that it was not considered as a Potential Opponent for future games. 


Mixed Fixture Location Allocation /Open Fixture Location Allocation

This sheet outlines which location each group of games has been assigned for their fixture date (NCDP Section 6).


To reflect the fact that Round 0 and Round 1 games will be played as drawn, where Round 0 and Round 1 games are linked and required to play in the same location on the same date, all Teams due to compete at the same fixture have been listed in the same row. The dark grey row allocated to each group outlines whether a ‘neutral’ venue has been allocated or whether a Team has been defined as ‘home’ or ‘away’. 


The full details for what is required of Teams when being assigned a ‘neutral’ location or being designated as ‘home’ or ‘away’ can be found in the full procedure document in Section 6. As outlined in 6.4, we are happy for the locations of fixtures to be changed from what has been determined as the default, as long as all Teams involved agree to the proposed changes. 


It should be noted that only the winner of the Round 0 game is expected to play in Round 1 against the drawn opponent as part of the National Cup. Teams are welcome to play more games at their fixture date as Challenge League games though - it’s completely up to you!



Although we have released the draw results, please DO NOT make any concrete plans/bookings for your Cup fixtures yet. See below. 


Decided the National Cup isn’t for you?

We understand that some teams may not be able to commit to taking part in the Cup now that this information has been released, so as announced previously, there is now a grace period where you are able to pull out if you feel that you will be unable to meet the structure's requirements. This gives us another opportunity to re-draw games if absolutely necessary, whilst still maintaining some time for teams to organise their fixtures before the first fixture date.


Teams have up until the end of Tuesday 18th May to decide whether or not they wish to take part. Please email ASAP if you no longer want to be in the National Cup. 


We will confirm after this date (Tuesday 18th May) whether or not another draw is required. However, with the way that we have combined fixture dates for Round 0 and Round 1 games, this allows for some flexibility with drop outs. We may utilise byes where teams have dropped out if we feel that allowing a number of byes does not significantly impact the overall competition structure.  


Thanks to all of the Teams that entered the National Cup

We look forward to getting the competition underway!