UKU National Cup - 2021 Draw [21st May]


Following the deadline on Tuesday 18th May, we have had a few dropouts. This has required a few slight changes to the final draw for the National Cup 2021. 

The final draw can be found here, on the sheets marked with today’s date: 


In the Open division, we only had one dropout [Birmingham]. However, we had another team contact us to say they were interested in entering if there was space available [Sheffield Steal] and so the swap for these two teams has been made. There has been no change to the Fixture Location Allocation. 


In the Mixed division, there were a few more dropouts. This has required a greater number of changes to be made. The decisions have been made to try and minimise the amount of change to the draw that took place on 12th May, to take account of the limited amount of time available, and to maintain the integrity of the competition structure. 


The following teams are now unable to take part:

  • Royal Goaltimate Society
  • Bournemouth University 
  • Sheffield Steal

With the dropout of Royal Goaltimate Society, who were due to play R0#1 (Oxford v Zoo) in Round 1, that Round 0 game has now been made a Round 1 game. 


Bournemouth were due to play Plymouth in R0#4, so that will now become a bye for Plymouth and they will proceed directly to Round 1 to play Bristol Mixed.


With Sheffield’s dropout, the decision was made to not assign Merseyside’s game as a bye. This would have put Merseyside directly in the QFs, whilst 4 other teams were having to play two games to reach that round.  Given that it was possible to reallocate games whilst still minimising travel, we implemented the following steps: 

  • Determined which opponents Merseyside could play, as per rule 2.2 and that were scheduled to compete in a Round 0 + Round 1 fixture (meaning the Round 0 game could be played as a Round 1 game instead)
    • Outcome = Leamington Lemmings  (expected to play R0#2) or LeedsLeedsLeeds (expected to play R0#3)
  • Randomly drew between Leamington Lemmings or LeedsLeedsLeeds to determine who Merseyside would now play. This was carried out by the UKU Events Coordinator, overseen by another UKU staff member and the UKU Competition Committee Mixed Division Coordinator. 
    • Outcome = LeedsLeedsLeeds
  • Assigned Merseyside as LeedsLeedsLeeds’ new opponent.
  • Reallocated R0#3 (Ouseburn Social Club v The Brown) as a Round 1 game.  

All of the above changes to both divisions can be found in the updated National Cup Draw document here: 


Following this final draw, it should be noted that should we get any new dropouts, there will not be a re-draw and these teams will be assigned as byes. 


All teams involved in the National Cup will also be contacted directly with the details on how they can reach out to their opponents to start arranging their games later today. 


If you have any issues arranging your fixtures, please email