UKU National Cup - 2021 Women’s & Open Quarter-Finals/Semi-Finals Draw [23rd June]


Last night, the Competitions Committee met to carry out the draw for the Women’s and Open Cup. 


This was the first round being drawn for the WOMEN'S CUP, which fantastically welcomes 8 teams into this year’s competition. The following teams, which entered prior to the deadline on 20th June, were included in the draw:


London Masters Ultimate

Reading Ultimate

Sheep, Birds and Bees

SOUL (south ultimate)

South West Ladies 





The Women’s Cup will begin from the Quarter-Finals Round. The link for how the games were drawn can be found at the bottom of this announcement. The document includes several sheets, which are described in more detail below:


Pods, Zones & Team Allocation

This sheet includes the allocation of Women’s Teams into their Seeding Pods [E1-K19] (NCDP Section 1). The defined Zones to be used in the draw procedure can be found in A20-D66 (NCDP Section 2).


Women’s Cup Draw

This sheet shows the final draw of games for each Round. 


Women’s Cup Draw Process

This sheet outlines the complete draw process that was followed step-by-step in the virtual meeting.  

The maps shown in I - N were used to highlight which Teams were available at each step. As each Team was assigned to a game it was greyed out to ensure that it was not considered as a Potential Opponent for future games. 


Women’s Fixture Location Allocation

This sheet outlines which location each group of games has been assigned for their fixture date (NCDP Section 6).


The full details for what is required of Teams when being assigned a ‘neutral’ location can be found in the full procedure document in Section 6. As outlined in 6.4, we are happy for the locations of fixtures to be changed from what has been determined as the default, as long as all Teams involved agree to the proposed changes. 


For the OPEN CUP, the draw last night determined the next round of games following the Round 0 and Round 1 games being held on 19th-20th June. 


Unfortunately, one set of games had to be postponed due to Covid-19 - [Leamington Lemmings v Sheffield Steal] v Manchester. These are being rescheduled to be played soon, but to enable the draw to go ahead as soon as possible, it was agreed with the teams in question that they would all be considered to be from the same Zone for the purposes of the draw.


Please ensure that you check the updated pages referenced with the date ‘23rd June' in the National Cup Draw document. 


The results of the draw process (i.e. who will play who!) can be found here: