UKU National Series 2021 - Mixed Cup Finals & Nationals Playoffs Draw

Following the completion of the Mixed league and the Quarter-finals and Semi-finals of the Mixed Cup, we can now confirm how the Mixed division Playoffs will work, in anticipation of the UKU National Championships!


As Mighty Hucks is a declined team, we need to finalise the Playoff structure as outlined in our previous announcement. With Mighty Hucks finishing in the top 3 of the League, we can now confirm the following for the Nationals Playoffs in the Mixed division:


If a declined team finishes in the top 3 of the League: 

L4 v [Loser C5 v C6]

L5 v [Winner C5 v C6]

L6 v [Loser C3 v C4] - [C3 qualifies to Nationals]


This means that for the upcoming Cup Finals and Playoffs fixture date, teams will be allocated to the fixtures as follows:



In line with the process for the other National Series fixtures, all arrangements need to be made between the teams involved in each fixture. However, if you need any help, for example to find a venue, then please get in touch with us at