UKU Outdoor Events - Cancellations Update - 1st July

Having waited as long as possible to see how the situation developed we have taken the decision to cancel 2020 UKU Regionals for all three divisions:

  • 1-2 August, Leicester 
  • 1-2 August, Edenbridge.

This is obviously really disappointing, and also raises some questions about 2020 UKU Nationals:

For the time being, we are holding our booking for Nationals at the University of Nottingham on the weekend of 29-30 August, but we are not able to confirm the format of the competition.  We are not able to confirm the number of teams that would be involved in whatever competition goes ahead.


  • Assuming that the number of places at Nationals will be limited, and now that Regionals has been cancelled, teams will be invited according to their finishing positions at 2019 Nationals, followed by:
  • Women’s: 
    • Rankings at 2019 Regionals-South
    • UKU Rankings at end 2019
  • Open:
    • Rankings at 2019 Regionals assigned using EUCS waitlist as follows: S,N,N,S,N,S,S,N
    • UKU Rankings at end 2019
  • Mixed:
    • Rankings at 2019 Regionals assigned using EUCS waitlist as follows: N,S,N,S,N,S
    • UKU Rankings at end 2019
  • Irish teams will not be eligible to compete in the competition in 2020.
  • Bid allocation for 2021 will not necessarily follow the normal process as results in 2020 will likely be affected unfairly by the situation.  


As noted in the previous competition update, we will be considering the limited training time that has been available when deciding on any format or schedule.


Disclaimer.  We really do NOT want to give the impression that we expect that Nationals will go ahead at the end of August.  We are simply keeping our options open.  



We continue to work through refunding all entry fees for cancelled events.  At this point:

  • All credit card payments have been refunded.
  • All teams that paid by BACS or gocardless have been contacted in order that we can confirm details for sending the refund.

If you think we’ve missed you out, please email