UKU OWT2 - GB U17 Open request #ukut2

We are obviously pretty happy to have been able to publish the UKU OWT2 schedule ten days in advance of the event.  We have - however - hit a problem.  Unfortunately, despite publishing the list of entered teams several times, it was not until the schedule was published that we discovered that the GB U17 Open team was missing from the list of entrants. 

It is our intention to be generally hard-nosed about this sort of thing in the best-interests of the majority, but I hope you will agree that for this particular team, we should be trying to find a more accommodating solution.  We will not alter the published start time for any teams (without checking first) - and that will make any re-writing of format and schedule quite challenging.

But before we start doing any complicated scheduling work, we thought we would check on whether any Open C-Tour teams have found themselves struggling for numbers.  Due to the circumstances we are offering a full refund for the first team that wants to drop out.  None of the other usual penalties will be applied either of course.  If this might apply to your team - please get in touch asap.

As an aside - if you want to help the GB Juniors in general - why not vote for our Mars Milk Play Fund application?  We made it onto the Leader Board earlier this week - but we need more help if we're going to get to the top!  Voting is relatively quick and painless.