UKU Ranking Event "The Grey Towers of Durham 2019" - Early Bird Team List Confirmed & Final Entry Closing Date 26th March!

Thank you to all of the teams that entered into the Grey Towers of Durham Tier 1 event before the Early Bird Deadline! We are pleased to announce that all of the teams that entered into this event have been awarded a space. The full list of confirmed teams can be seen below.


The remaining entries for The Grey Towers of Durham are open NOW on the GoMembership website until the Closing Date on 26th March.


At this time, we DO NOT have a southern Tier 2 ranking event that will be taking place at the end of April alongside the Grey Towers. Unfortunately no bids have been received and no available venues have yet been found. We are continuing to look for a venue and welcome any bids/venue suggestions, but it seems highly unlikely at this point that we will be able to put anything on.  As such, we encourage all teams to consider entering into the Durham event if they wish to play. Should a Southern venue become available later on then we will offer up the opportunity for teams to move their entry to that event if they have already entered Durham. 


Not sure what the difference is between the Early Bird Deadline and the Closing Date?

Full details regarding how the entry process works can be found in the Club Outdoor Event Entry Procedure which we recommend that you familiarise yourself with, and if you have any questions then please email and we will be happy to help. 



Cambridge 1

Deep Space

Geometrically Frustrated Magnets

Glasgow 1

Leamington Lemmings 

LLLeeds 1

Mighty Hucks


Reading 1



Please remember that for teams that have been confirmed at the Early Bird Deadline, you will be subject to the harsher drop out penalties should you no longer wish to participate in the event. Full details can be found in the Club Outdoor Event Entry Procedure.


If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at