UKU U17 & U14 Open Indoor Nationals 2016-17 - Entries now live!

We are pleased to now open entries for our largest-ever U17&U14 Nationals in Ultimate Frisbee, to be played on 5 great indoor pitches at Aldersley Leisure Village near Wolverhampton on the 28/29 January 2017.


More details on eligibility, entry and the event itself can be found on the Event Page. Note in particular the following:

- All teams are encouraged to come! There are no minimum standards and no qualifying criteria. There will be lots of beginner teams so if you're a brand new school team don't be afraid to come along - you're guaranteed lots of games, and most of them against teams of a similar level.

- The initial closing date is 12th December, to enable some teams to make their travel plans before the Christmas break, though there is likely to be some space remaining after that if you can't commit yet (no guarantees of course!)

- 2 divisions: U17 (Y11 and below) and U14 (Y8 and below). Both events are Open, meaning any combination of boys and girls is fine. There is a separate U20 tournament in the same venue on 25/26 February - watch this space for more details if your players are a little older!


See you there!