University Mixed Indoor Regionals 2021-22 - Final Standings, Spirit Results & Nationals Qualifiers

Congratulations to all of the teams that competed at the University Mixed Indoor Regionals competitions over this weekend and last. We hope that you all had a great first event of the season! 


Well done to everyone that took home the winner trophy and also to those that qualified for University Mixed Indoor Nationals, which is taking place on 26th-27th February in Nottingham and Coventry. The full final standings and qualifiers can be found here:


Please confirm NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY 17th NOVEMBER if you are NOT taking up your qualification spot by emailing This will then give us enough time to award the spot to another team. If you do not let us know by that date, you WILL be liable to pay the full entry fee even if you are not attending Nationals. 


Entries for UXIN will be open on GoMembership from Tuesday 30th November until the Closing Date on Thursday 16th December. Please make sure that if you've qualified for Nationals, you have entered the event by the entry deadline. 


Huge congratulations to the teams that won the Spirit of the Game award from the weekend. The full breakdown of SotG scores and the results tables can be found here:

(Comments may be partially redacted by replacing text with **** and highlighted in red - this is to remove any offensive language or personal information if applicable)


Please remember that if you wish to award a team a 4 or a 0 then you are required to include a comment as to why you have given a team that score. Don't forget that the EXPECTED SCORE in each category is 2 so there should be a good reason for why a 4 or 0 is awarded. Unfortunately, many scores had to be deleted from the weekend due to comments not being included. Please ensure that your team is familiar with this requirement for future events.

Also, please make sure that you select whether your score is for a repeat game i.e. you have already played that opponent, as otherwise it looks like you've just submitted a score twice by accident and it may be deleted. 

Any questions regarding Spirit of the Game? Please email