What are Coach Forums?

UKU Coach Forums are small online events. They are designed as an opportunity for coaches, leaders and those interested to come together to discuss a topic. The format will generally follow an introductory presentation followed by an opportunity for participants to pose questions, discuss their own experiences and learn from others. They will usually be held over 1-2 hours of an evening.


We've been asked if Forums will be recorded and available digitally for those unable to attend. Unfortunately, they won't (at least not for now). The aim of the Forums is to provide an opportunity for discussion with an interested group of people from around the UK. We don't think providing a recording would be fair on those attending, and they're not designed to offer concrete answers, but to create learning opportunities through engagement with others. HOWEVER, we will repeat Forums and include any important learning from prior forums! If you would like a Forum repeated, please drop us an email at coaching@ukultimate.com.


Forums are free for UKU Registered Coaches and have a small fee for others. Forums award 1 UKU Coaching Credit.

Please sign up to UKU Coaching Announcements and keep an eye on our other communication channels for new Forums.