XEUCF 2020 Bid Allocation

In April the European Ultimate Federation (EUF) announced a temporary change to the annual European Ultimate Club Series (EUCS) to better cope with the implications of the COVID-19 crisis.


In response to the original announcement, the UKU Competition Committee discussed options for allocating bids and determined that we would use the results from the 2019 UKU Nationals / EUCR-W.  This week, the EUF has announced the finalised bid distribution by national federation.


The UK has been awarded 2, 2, and 4 bids in Women’s, Mixed and Open respectively.  The Irish teams are being awarded their own bids directly, so the UK bids, based on finishing positions at UK Nationals 2019, are as follows:


Confirmed Bids

Women: Iceni, Bristol

Mixed: SMOG 1, Deep Space

Open: Clapham, Chevron, Alba, Devon


EUF Waitlist

Women: SCRAM (#4 on waitlist)

Mixed: SMOG 2 (#3 on waitlist)

Open: EMO (#2 on waitlist)


UKU Waitlist (in waitlist order)

Women: SYC, Throwback

Mixed: Reading, Birmingham

Open: Brighton, Ka-Pow!


Emails are being sent today to each of the teams that have been awarded a bid, and those teams on the EUF waitlist, with a form to complete if they provisionally plan to attend.  Any of those teams that already know that they do not want to attend XEUCF should let us asap please so that we can contact the next team on the UKU waitlist.  We may contact other teams, and that will be done according to their finishing position at 2019 UKU Nationals.