Participant Waiver

  • Ultimate (all variations including indoors and beach in addition to the standard version played outdoors on grass or similar surface) is a non contact sport. As with any sport there are risks associated with Ultimate related activity (“Activity” means any activity associated with participation in an Event, including all competitions, preparations, social events, meetings, ceremonies and the provision of services such as accommodation, food and transport). By participating in the Sport, you run the risk of serious injury including chronic pain, permanent incapacitation, paralysis and death, particularly through contact with the ground, other players and objects on or outside the playing area.  Ultimate is self-refereed, and so athletes take on responsibilities that might otherwise be held by a 3rd-party official.
  • Playing indoor ultimate also increases the likelihood of collisions with a wall surrounding the playing area, and may be played on a hard surface.

You can minimise the risk of incident by doing the following :


  • Understand the rules and physical requirements of Ultimate. 
  • Take responsibility to ensure that the Sport is played within the rules, that athlete safety is maintained, and that problems are addressed as they occur.
  • Take reasonable steps to avoid collisions that would be expected to harm me or other players. Whilst the Sport may be termed a non-contact sport, even if the rules are adhered to contact may occur. It may occur because players fail to perceive a potentially dangerous situation or evaluate risk poorly or lack sufficient co-ordination or intentionally cause contact. 
  • Only take part in the Sport if you are medically and physically fit and able to so. If you have a pre-existing medical condition that could be exacerbated by participation, or if you are pregnant consult a medical practitioner before participating
  • If you believe any conditions make it unsafe to participate, or continue to participate, remove yourself from an Activity or an Event.
  • Understand that playing areas may contain defects such as holes, sprinkler heads, mud, rocks, broken glass and other foreign materials which the organiser may not have the resources to fully inspect before each Activity and so ensure that areas are safe prior to playing on them, take mitigating action if necessary or choose not to play if the risks are too great.
  • Remove yourself immediately from any lightning-affected Activity and not wait for an official cancellation of the Activity.
  • Stop participating in an Activity if you are affected by heat, feel dizzy, nauseous or weak, and seek medical attention immediately.