Announcing request for GB Squad managers WMUC 2020

Following a succesful EMUC 2019 we are inviting applications from individuals or small groups* that would like to put themselves forwards to manage the GB Women's Masters and GB Men's Masters through cycle of attending WMUC 2020, which is taking place 5th - 12th September 2020 in Gold Coast, Australia.  (*) Groups should have an identified lead individual.

We expect that some/most team managers will be planning to play, and will likely appoint themselves captain or spirit captain however this is not mandatory and applications from non-players are very welcome.  Player-managers that intend to appoint a coach should set out in their application which decisions will be delegated to the coach.

Applications should be made using this form.  Team manager responsibilities are outlined here.  The closing date is midnight 13th December 2019. Anyone interested in either role is encouraged to get in touch by emailing to discuss any queries they might have.