Frizbay. The Ultimate trading site

Do you have too much kit, taking up space in your drawers and never getting worn?


Or, do you want even more? Maybe you're a student, just starting out and in need of a basic jersey or a pair of decent shorts - or maybe you're a bit of a hoarder. Jerseys, shorts, discs, anything! Just give it to me! 


Now there's a place to buy and sell used Ultimate kit. And the best part? The money goes to charity. Everybody wins.

Introducing Frizbay. The Ultimate trading site. Players around the world are selling their old or unused items on Frizbay, raising money for charities close to their heart.


Meanwhile someone, somewhere, gets a crazy Japanese jersey, or those tournament shorts they missed out on in 2008. There really are some gems out there, that we've never previously had the chance to buy. 


Buying and selling on Frizbay works just like other marketplace sites, but profits go to charity. 


Here's how it works.

- become a seller on Frizbay. It takes 5 minutes, and you're ready to go.

- choose a cause to support. It can be absolutely anything, from a team fundraiser to a global charity. 

- add your item(s) with a photo, description and price. This goes to your chosen charity when the item is sold! 

- when someone buys your item, they can increase their donation at checkout!

- post the items, and Frizbay refunds the postage fee.

- buyer receives their new kit and celebrates in the knowledge that they've donated to a good cause, parading their new kit for all to see.


So far nearly 200 items have been sold, raising over £2200 for charities around the world!


Lookfly, TOKAY and Force have also posted brand new items in the shop, and other manufacturers and Ultimate companies are coming soon! 


To see what's being sold right now, or sell your unused Ultimate kit, head to See you there!




The Ultimate trading site.

Instagram: @frizbay

Facebook: /frizbay




Pringle is an ex-Ultimate player from London. He started playing in 2003 with Loughborough Haze, then EMO, Ka-Pow! and Jeremy Codhand.


He represented Great Britain five times (winning European Championships with both GB Mixed and GB Masters Open), and played at two World Club Championships. 


For five years he was a freelance kit designer in his spare time, producing designs for Great Britain, Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, Holland, Ireland, and club teams including Chicago Machine, Kapow!, SYC, Iceni, Deep Space and Cambridge. 


He was also asked to produce the branding and printed material for WU23 2015 by UKU.


After hanging up his boots (for the second time) after 16 years, he wanted a way to get rid of the huge pile of kit he'd accumulated. We're talking somewhere in the region of 80 shirts and shorts.


Giving it all to a charity shop seemed weird somehow, and he wasn't sure it would actually sell. He thought it would be great to be able to give the kit to other Ultimate players who actually wanted it - but how? 


An app developer by day, he saw an opportunity to bring players together to share old and unused kit with the those who wanted it - an online second hand shop, built specially for the Ultimate community.


So Frizbay was born. Five months later nearly 200 items have been sold, raising over £2200 for charity and Frizbay is gaining more users by the day, all selling used kit to raise money for their chosen charity.