Enormous thanks in advance to the team that will be managing and coaching the GB Junior squads in 2013-14.  Whilst we have filled the main roles across all four squads, we still need additional assistant/guest coaches to join some of the training sessions.  If you think you might be interested please click here for more details.

Squad Coaching & Management team

Junior Open

Sam Luxa, Robbie Kyme, James Wolverson

Junior Women

Hannah Randles, Matt Morecraft

U17 Girls

U17 Open

Confirmed additional coaches


Thanks also to Rith Flight who will continue in her part-time staff role for UKU as GB Junior Programme Manager.

In order to make sure we have good adult:player ratios at all sessions, and because it is so useful to have additional coaches as part of the process, we are keen to recruit some additional assistant or guest coaches to work with our four junior squads from time to time.  We hope this approach will encourage experienced players/coaches to feel able to give some time towards the GB Junior training sessions and get to know how things work without feeling they have to make a huge up-front commitment for two years.

If you would like to put yourself forwards, please fill in the attached application form and send it to Ruth Flight and Si Hill (email addresses are in the document), OR if you prefer to start by contacting one of the existing managers/coaches because you already know them, then please take that approach instead.

20120917 GBJ Application Form 2013-14.doc104 KB