GB Supporter Jersey

We’ve teamed up with Lookfly to offer a 2020 GB supporter jersey where the proceeds will be used to build up a small fund to support GB players who lost money this year.  Our 2019-21 teams are playing in Red and White jerseys; this one is for the fans!


In 2020, we had teams heading to WUGC, WJUC and WMUC and these events were either cancelled or postponed.  Some of the players lost money on accommodation deposits, and those heading to WUGC 2021 face an increase in the player fee.  This isn’t going to cover everything, so we will work with the teams to find the best way to target this support to the people who need it most.


So, if you fancy some stylish GB supporter gear, please head over to the Lookfly store to order the jersey and give a helping-hand to some of the affected players.  (Order deadline: 20th August.)