GB teams withdrawing from European Youth Ultimate Championships 2021

In January, the World Flying Disc Federation,(WFDF), announced that their events in 2021 were all being cancelled.  The international calendar 2021 also includes the European Ultimate Federation (EUF) European Youth Ultimate Championships (EYUC):

  • U20s in Malm√∂ in Sweden, 17-24 July;
  • U17s in Hollabrunn in Austria, 7-14 August.  

The EUF has said that they will publish their go/no-go decision regarding these events in early April. 


With great sadness, we have decided that we will not send Great Britain youth teams to either of the EYUC events in 2021 regardless of whether or not the events go ahead.  The UK Ultimate staff and volunteers involved recognise the complexity of the decision: it's impact on all of the players and the local organisers, and indeed the potential financial implications to some of the teams that were affected by the cancellation of WJUC 2020.  The decision was not made lightly.


There are certainly reasons to be optimistic about the impact of the vaccine programme.  We acknowledge the possibility that the events may turn out to be viable and considered safe for the local communities in the host countries. It is also reasonable to note that the players and volunteers that are part of our youth squads would be at relatively low personal risk, vaccinated or not.  However it is impossible to be confident that international travel will be predictable enough to transport two groups of 50 people to Europe and back this summer.  Quarantine rules may be relaxed in the coming weeks or months but we simply do not have the resources to manage the risk that those rules may change at very short notice. 


This is a unanimous conclusion following discussions within the GB Committee, UKU staff and long-standing GB youth team coaches, the UKU board of directors, and the UKU medical advisor, Dr Kenny Duffy.


We wish the EUF and both local organisers luck.  We hope that the EYUCs are able to go ahead, and that teams from other countries are able to attend an enjoyable event.  Our decision is driven primarily by conditions and concerns that are most relevant to travel in/out of the UK, and the responsibilities we take on when managing an international trip for young people in our care.


We are making and announcing the decision now in order to provide clarity to players and their families as well as the volunteers that generously give their time to support these trips.  We also intend to redirect some of the energy and effort that would otherwise be spent on the selection, training and trip logistics towards UK-based activities for youth players as our options for playing ultimate open up within the UK.