GB Ultimate - call for Team Managers

UK Ultimate is still seeking applications for team managers of the following squads:

  • Beach Ultimate squads for WBCU 2011 (Open and Grand Masters)

Bids will be accepted from individuals or groups, and there are few specific restrictions on the approach you may put forward in terms of training plans, etc.  Please note however that we will not accept applications from a "club", and your player-selection process will need to be appropriately open and fair. 

The UKU Board will appoint a small group of appropriately-neutral and experienced individuals to review the applications and make a recommendation.  Applicants will be able to review that membership of that group and suggest alternatives if necessary.

Please send your application form to Si Hill (email address is on the form) - but note that the Beach form is slightly different so do use the right one!

20101121 GB Masters Team Manager Application Form 2011-12.doc99.5 KB
20101121 GB Ultimate Beach Team Manager Application Form 2011-12.doc100.5 KB